Phibrows Microblading is a manual “hand” method of permanent cosmetics for your eyebrows which creates extremely fine natural looking hair strokes. Perfectly natural looking, thick, full brows.

In the first hour we will take time to map out the desired brow shape using a measuring tool, to make sure everything is symmetrical and PERFECT! Then we will proceed by picking out the correct color for your brows, depending on skin tone. Once color is selected we will begin by numbing the skin and tattooing the brows following the guidelines of the brow shape drawn. The whole procedure will take about 2 hours.

How to prepare?

Before procedure

  • Please refrain from all Aspirin, OR Aspirin products (blood thinners) such as Ibuprofen and Alive for 24 hours prior to your appointment time.
  • Refrain from Vitamin E and fish oil capsules for 7 days prior to your procedure , all of these make you bleed excessively and will result to premature pigment loss.
  • Please avoid alcohol, energy drinks & excessive amounts of coffee for up to 24 hours before your appointment. not having caffeine in your system will help you relax much more easily.


What to expect?

After procedure

  • Slight swelling, tightness, itching, and or redness and light scabbing might occur for one to two days following the procedure.
  • It is normal to lose about 1/3 of the color during the healing process.
  • After the initial procedure your brows will appear 20 to 25% darker then the final result, DON’T PANIC this is due to blood on the surface of the skin, exfoliation will begin within the first few days and will cause the excess pigment to flake away resulting to a more narrow refined appearance.
  • It will appear much softer when completely healed because the color will come from the dermal layer of the skin to the epidermal layer of the skin and this will take about 30 days.
  • Touchups are required 4 weeks after the first initial session so that adjustments and enhancements can be made.
  • Touchups recommended every 6 months to 1 year to keep your tattoo looking fresh and beautiful.

Healing process

Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing cycle. True reflection of healed color can only be assessed 3-4 weeks after treatment. Touch-ups and/or correction of the shape/design is recommended at least 4 weeks after initial treatment. It will go from too dark, to too light, to just right!

Immediately after the procedure, the pigment will appear very sharp and dark. This is because the pigment is still seating on top of your skin and has not yet settled in completely. The color of the pigment will soften gradually (do not be alarmed if you see some pigment on the cotton swab as this is excess pigment and/or body fluid that is naturally exiting your skin).
Once the healing of the skin starts taking place it will look like dandruff flakes or dry skin. This might give you the impression that the color pigment is fading too quickly. However, this is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows.

Your eyebrows will be the lightest tones during days 5-12 because the color is absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin. Later skin cells push it back to the upper layers. Once the healing is completed, you will enjoy a pair of beautiful, new, natural looking eyebrows.

After care

  • Do not wear any makeup on the eyebrows for the first 7 days.
  • Do not use any Retin-A or Glycolic Acids, Peroxide or Neosporin while healing, you may use the aftercare ointment I have provided for you only.
  • Do not pick at your eyebrows, always wash your hands before touching the area.
  • Do not expose the area to sun or tanning bed
  • Avoid facials, swimming, sauna for at least 14 days.
  • Do not exercise the first three days. No heavy sweating!


Microblading not recommended:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding (treatment is possible, though anesthetic will not be possible)
  • On keloids or if you have tendency to keloid, birthmarks or moles.
  • Diabetic.
  • Serious diseases such as cancer, epilepsy, autoimmune disorders (doctor’s note is required)
  • Circulatory disorders (doctor’s note is required)
  • Any bleeding disorders (doctor’s note is required)
  • You’re taking blood thinning medication
  • Currently on Accutane or other strong retinoids (must wait until 6 months after treatment ends)
  • If any skin diseases symptoms or irritation appears on the area.
  • You’ve recently had Botox or Disport treatment (must wait 2 months)
  • You have a broken capillary in the eyebrows area
  • If you have a sunburn.
  • After waxing (must wait 3 days)
  • After chemical peels ( must wait 3 weeks)